Welcome to St. Chad's.

This is the oldest building in Stafford, with a history reaching back into the twelfth century.

St Chad's is a gateway into the the past, and centuries of worship, but it also stands in the middle of a busy High Street, opposite Stafford's finest hotel, The Swan. Our aim is to develop a ministry suited to the needs of the present - first and foremost by being a special place which is open to everyone.

We  extend a warm welcome to all to join us in worship at St. Chads.


On Sundays either Morning Prayer or Eucharist at 11:15

Eucharists are in modern language.
Book of Common Prayer Matins at 10:00 when Eucharist is celebrated
On Tuesdays and Fridays the Eucharist is celebrated at 13:05.
On Wednesdays at 13:05, and Thursdays at 10:05 at S. Mary's.
6th Sunday after Trinity. Cycle A, Year 1
Week 16 in Ordinary Time

Sunday, 23rd July
    11:15    Parish Eucharist
                 Celebrant & Preacher: Fr. Richard Grigson.
    13:05    Eucharist
Friday, 28th
    13:05    Eucharist

Saturday, 30th
    13:00 - 17:00    Sacred Space (for prayer and reflection).
                             Also on Monday, 1st August.
Sunday, 30th - 17th Sunday after Trinity
    11:15    Parish Eucharist
                 Celebrant & Preacher: Fr. Michael Newman.

Our sister churches are St Leonard's, Whitgreave and  St Mary's, Stafford

There is No Planet B Green Arts Festival at St Chad's

This was an exciting exhibition of artwork on environmental themes from 18th February to 25th February. For information visit their Facebook page.

St Chad's Stafford