Weekly Services at St Chad’s.

We extend a warm welcome to all to join us in Worship at St Chad’s.

The Eucharist (or Mass) is the central act of Christian worship. This is celebrated most Sundays (except on the second Sunday in the month when we have Morning Prayer) at 11:15, and on Tuesdays and Fridays at 13:05. Mass is also held at 13:05 on Wednesdays, and 10:05 on Thursdays at St Mary’s Church.

At Communion we welcome baptised Christians of any denomination who receive the sacrament of bread and wine in their own church to receive with us.  Those who are unable to do this are welcome to come forward to the altar for a blessing. Through our community celebration of the Eucharist we tell the story of God with his people throughout history, and proclaim that this God, revealed to us in Jesus Christ, is real among us in the sacrament that we share.

Sunday, 23rd June 2019 – Trinity 2 / Year C, Weekday Year 1 
11:15 –  Parish Eucharist
Celebrant & Preacher: Rev’d Alison Thomas
Readings: Isa 65:1-9; Psalm 42; Luke 8:26-39

Tuesday, 25th
13:05   Mass

Thursday, 27th
13:00    Music for prayer

Friday, 28th
13:05    Mass

Sunday, 30th –  2nd Sunday after Trinity (Trinity 3)
11:15 –  Parish Eucharist
             Celebrant &Preacher: Fr. Richard Grigson 


PLEASE NOTE: On Saturday 6th July 2019 we will be closing the Church early, we will only be open from 10.30 – 11.30am as everyone from St Chad’s will be attending a Eucharist at St Marys to celebrate Fr Richards ordination 30 years ago! So please make sure if you wish to visit it is before 11.30. Thank you.