Weekly services

Weekly Services at St Chad’s.

Welcome back to S. Chads.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, Sunday Mass is currently being held at St Marys church at 10am, where there is more room to allow for social distancing.
Public services at S. Chad’s are every Wednesday, at 11am, and Fridays at noon.
Other services as advertised below.

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S. Chads will however be open for private prayer on

Tuesdays – 11:00 – 13:00
Friday – 11:00 – 13:00
Saturdays – 10:30 – 14:30

Please bring a face covering.

Face coverings are now (from 19/07/21) not mandatory, but we recommend their judicious use, in places of worship.
If you are unable to wear a face covering, then a shield/visor is fine.

If you plan to attend a service it would help if you could let us know in advance by letting a steward know, or sending a text/message to Fr. Richard on
07865 306676, or email: parishoffice@stmarysstafford.org.uk.

If you are unable to do this, don’t worry, just turn up and the stewards will ensure you have a safe seat, with social distancing.

We extend a warm welcome to all to join us in Worship at St Chad’s.

At Communion we welcome baptised Christians of any denomination who receive the sacrament of bread and wine in their own church to receive with us.  Those who are unable to do this are welcome to come forward to the altar for a blessing. Through our community celebration of the Eucharist we tell the story of God with his people throughout history, and proclaim that this, revealed to us in Jesus Christ, is real among us in the sacrament that we share.

Communion is distributed in one kind only, the host (bread).
Please consume the host in front of the priest before moving on.

The following services will be broadcast live on Facebook.

www.facebook.com/stmarysstafford.org uk/videos

StaffordChurches in September

Wednesday 1st 11.00am at S Chads: S Giles
Friday 3rd Noon at S Chads: S Gregory
Saturday 4th 1.00pm at S Marys: Wedding of Francesca and Tom

Sunday 5th 10.00am at S Marys
He has done everything well
Preacher: the Rev Pam Merriott

Tuesday 7th Noon at S Marys
Wednesday 8th 11.00am at S Chads:
Birthday of the blessed Virgin Mary
Friday 10th Noon at S Chads
1.30 at S Chads: Funeral of John Murray
Saturday 11th 11.00am at S Marys: Coffee Concert Imogen Garner, soprano

Sunday 12th 10.00am at S Marys
Who do people say I am?
Preacher: Philip Taylor

Noon at S Marys: Battle of Britain Service

Tuesday 14th Noon at S Marys: Holy Cross Day
Wednesday 15th 11.00am at S Chads: S Cyprian
Friday 17th Noon at S Chads
Saturday 18th 11.00am at S Marys: Coffee Concert. Jenny Jones (violin) and John Savage (piano)

Sunday 19th 10.00am at S Marys
Where do these conflicts come from?
Preacher; The Rev’d John Davis

Tuesday 21st Noon at S Marys: S Matthew
Wednesday 22nd 11.00am at S Chads
Friday 24th Noon at S Chads 

1.30pm at S Marys: Funeral of Frances Davis
Saturday 25th 11.00am at S Chads: Family worship and Baptism

Sunday 26th 10.00am at S Marys
All things were made through him
Preacher: the Rev Danny Payne

11.30 at S Chads: Family Worship and Baptism
6.30pm at S Marys: Choral Evensong

Tuesday 28th Noon at S Marys
Wednesday 29th 11.00am at S Chads
: Michael and All Angels

(Please see Readings page for readings).