As part of the “River and Tree” project artist Lisa Oakley explored Stafford’s River Sow and painted 12 plein air pictures. “Plein air” art is painted on location, recording what the artist sees on that particular day.

The pictures are on sale in St Chad’s to raise money for St Chad’s Access Fund.

Visit Lisa’s website here.

Lisa Oakley writes:

“When I was contacted to create original artwork I was intrigued!

‘This Spring St Chad’s Church in Stafford will install two new windows to go on either side of the east window of St Chad, from 2003. The new windows will be very simple representations of the river of life and the tree of life…’

Being a keen plein air painter I was delighted to be given the chance to explore the areas along the River Sow.
The project has taken me on a journey of discovery, along the River Bank from source to end to produce 12 plein air oil paintings which tell the story of Stafford’s iconic and important river.

This project has been so rewarding I am pleased to be part of this amazing experience celebrating the new stained glass windows for St Chads Church.”

Here are Lisa’s paintings. They are all scenes on the River Sow, which lies entirely within the Borough of Stafford. The river passes through an enormous variety of landscapes and yet few people in Stafford know its story. How many of these scenes can you place?